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About Deviant Core Member Akkomatsu21/Chile Groups :icongintama-ocs: Gintama-OCs
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☠ G E N E R A L · S T A T U S

CHARIZARD Used Flamethrower by JoshR691
⚠ Currently not very active on dA
⚠ Working in a lot of projects
⚠ Working on commissions
⚠ Trying to improve my art and culinary skills
⚠ Thinking on making a mini-blog for my recipes :0
⚠ Working on Speedpaints
⚠ Working on my "new mascot"

I C O N · F A M I L Y
still waiting for more pipul ~

Akko | Female | 21 | Freelancer artist | Amateur chef

Hey, you can call me Akko or Momo. I'm from Chile and my english grammar isn't very good, so im sorry about that. Currently I'm not very active in dA as the past years/months because my life is very weird and i cant use the pc all day everyday, cuz i have a busy life -cries-
Sometimes im very slow answering comments, but i do always when i can.

Now i'll spam u with some of my fav/main fandoms and shits like this kukuku ~

M A I N · F A N D O M S
Gintama | Tokyo Ghoul | Haikyuu | Osomatsu-san


M O R E · M A I N · C R U S H E S
Kaneki Ken Stamp #2 by KijireeBokuto Stamp by Baka-No-RhonnieIchimatsu Stamp by megumimaruidesu
S E C O N D A R Y · B A E S
makoto by MarblePhantasmHyrule Warriors: Link  Stamp by DIA-TLOAEishi by MarblePhantasm
Support - Haruichi by MarblePhantasmstamp :: toon link by kiniesShun by MarblePhantasm
Arashiyama Jun - Stamp by Replica-senseiYoneya Yousuke - Stamp by Replica-senseiDelico - Stamp by Replica-sensei

M Y · M A I N · P A I R I N G S
GinYuu by MarblePhantasm Stamp - SatoMitsu by MarblePhantasm
M Y · M A I N · C H A R A C T E R S
Yuhi by MarblePhantasmstamp - Satoru by MarblePhantasmstamp - Shiori by MarblePhantasm

|| Waifus ♥



M O M O C H I · R A P P A



☠ S T A Y - D E T E R M I N E D !

gengar sprite- black and white by Midnight-Zaffer
For me friends don't arise of "we can be friends?"
I think these people are only interested in free drawings.
Also, for me friends are not those who necessarily talk all day and every day with you. They are those who are there for you when you need them (from both sides). When you see a comment from them and you are filled with joy. They are those who you feel a connection to and it is not necessary to explain it by words...
Someone who will always tell you what's right and wrong. Not what you want to hear.

PD: Don't tell me you like my pairings, support and ship them while you don't.

And dude...
Being popular is not amazing. Believe me.

- © Akko (Gura, Momo-ji, etc) LOL

☠ S O C I A L · N E T W O R K S

☠ To do List + Waiting for

<table align="center" class="f" style="width: 100%;"><tr><td class="f grf-mirror" style=" max-width:386px; width: 90%; display: block; margin: 0 auto; font-size:9pt; word-wrap: break-word; ">

Paypal & Points Commissions: Ask Me || Art Trades: Closed || Requests: Only Close Friends - Closed

× To do list ×

Minimal Progress Bar - 0% by Gasara Not started yet
Minimal Progress Bar - 25% by Gasara Sketch
Minimal Progress Bar - 50% by Gasara Lineart
Minimal Progress Bar - 75% by Gasara Coloring
Minimal Progress Bar - 100% by Gasara Finished

F2U - commissions by punklevel
Pepperminties (1 Couple Chibi) Minimal Progress Bar - 50% by Gasara
Meme-Ryuu-OC (1 chibi couple) Minimal Progress Bar - 25% by Gasara
Handa-san (1 Halfbody) Minimal Progress Bar - 50% by Gasara
Hanuchis (1 Halfbody) Minimal Progress Bar - 25% by Gasara

F2U -  Art Trades by punklevel
Lumaki-san Sakamoto & Haruhi
Jusace Joyce & Loke
xXRyushi Hassan
Hyeoii Sohee x Minseok
xKiiro-me Reiko

F2U - Personal by punklevel
[RFW] Starimo Ichiko
[RFW] Al-F
[RFW] NanashimaNanase Sayuri Koizumi
[2015 Collab] Yuminari Mitsuki x Satoru
[2015 Collab] Yuminari Double meme
[2015 Collab] naomi-Sakurai18 Soon-Ae & "Yuuki"
[2015 Collab] Yuminari Jackie & Shizuko
[2015 Collab] Yuminari BillShizu
[2015 Collab] Handa-san Double meme
[2016 Collab] Minamow OFF

× Waiting for ×
F2U - commissions by punklevel
[2013] NariChan27 Halfbody x2 (paid)
[2014] HyPaCel Chibi x2 (paid)
[2014] caria0 Halfbody x2 (i think) (paid)
[2016] Minamow chibi couple (paid) BokuHiba
[2016] Korinichi chibi couple (paid) EiKimi

F2U -  Art Trades by punklevel
[2013] Etsu-hime GinYuu
[idontrememberlol] rei-koumei - Yuhi
Lumaki-san GinYuu
Jusace GinYuu
xXRyushi Yuhi
Hyeoii GinYuu
xKiiro-me Yuhi

F2U -  Requests by punklevel
zweihander-k GinYuu


:iconazulann: :iconkerui8d: :iconhiroshikamiya: :iconhanazum: :iconghoulashi:


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